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Insula Aurea or Golden Island or Veglia is the name that Krk, because of its wealth of produce from land and sea, was given back in ancient times.

The island of Krk is situated in the Bay of Kvarner. Krk is the biggest island in the Adriatic with area of 409, 9 square kilometers. The highest peak is Obzova at 569 meters. There are 68 settlements on the island. Krk has mild Mediterranean climate with average summer air temperature 23 C. Sea water temperature is between 23-25 C. Islands has almost 2,500 hours of sun a year.

There are two lakes on the island, first is called Ponikva and second Jezero. Near Lake Ponikve can be almost 10 C colder than on any other place on the island!

Stroll in the historic medieval city of KRK and its narrow cobble stone alleys with neat boutiques, shops, art galleries and restaurants.